About us

Parties are where we connect…

Life in the city: Museums, galleries, theaters, streetscapes, music, bars, clubs, any kind of restaurant you can imagine. Plus all the practicalities like ATMs, jobs and shopping… But the secret sauce of city life is the people. All kinds of people. Yes, sometimes it feels like too many. But we think back to first moving to New York City and being dazzled by how many interesting / compelling / witty / super-hot people you will inevitably meet in a week of city-dwelling. We encounter them at work, at bars, even on the subway. But more than anywhere else, we meet people at parties. Is there anything more exciting than looking at your calendar and seeing a bunch of parties coming up?

On that point, we want to note for the record that we love house parties. For sure. But let's be honest: prepping is a pain, then coordinating food, drink, clean glasses (?), bartender(?), servers (?), and finally the heinous cleanup and apartment re-hab. A serious pain.

We came across an article in the NYT which confirmed our suspicions. House parties have been on the decline for a decade. In urban areas, people in their 20s and 30s are crammed into smaller and smaller apartments, which are further and further from the city center and from one another. Those trends, combined with the hassle factor and food/drink cost, have resulted in far less house parties than in yesteryear… And yet: we keep noticing even the coolest bars and restaurants, including ones with private event areas, going under-utilized most nights of the week.

PRVT Party is here to address this dire circumstance. We’ve assembled a network of amazing venues where you can host any kind of event – whether it’s a sit-down dinner for your extended family, a birthday blow-out for a hundred, or a meet-up that needs a comely setting. And we’ve made hosting as effortless as ordering a taxi or a food delivery. We want you to go to parties every night of the week. Seriously. And our venues want to help too — at PRVT Party you’ll see pricing and availability that will let you pick any day of the week to be the consummate party host for all your guests: old friends, non-annoying co-workers, random acquaintances, out-of-town family, romantic interests, absolute strangers and of course, the proverbial Mr. or Ms. Right / Wrong.